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Field Trips

tryonelem-017kidslistenField trips are usually scheduled weekday mornings and last 2-3 hours. All field trips include lots of time for guided exploration along the nature trails, and most include an hour in the Nature Classroom to visit with resident critters, view exhibits, and receive further instruction. Field trip topics are coordinated with science curriculum objectives for area schools.

tryonelemkidswavepathGroup Size – FENCE Staff and facilities can handle up to 100 students per field trip. Groups of 30 or more are usually divided in half, taking turns at trail walks and Nature Classroom instruction.

Lunches – Most classes bring lunches and eat on the grass at the FENCE Center.

For Students with Special Needs – FENCE welcomes students in special needs classes or mainstreamed students with special needs. The Nature Classroom, restrooms, and the 1/3-mile Wildwood Trail are all wheelchair accessible, and FENCE staff is experienced in working with special needs classes. Call us to discuss.

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