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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply to TROT?
You can download the application form (requires Acrobat Reader), or you can email us to request that an application be sent to you.

Are there any age limits for riders?
Students must be at least four years of age at the time of applying. There is no upper age limit.

I have a horse that's perfect for TROT. Are you interested?
Horses used  at TROT are privately owned. TROT does not own or permanently stable our own horses. Horses offered to the program must undergo an initial evaluation, but in general suitable horses are no taller than 16 hands, must be sound at the walk and trot without the aid of excessive medication, and must be patient and quiet.  If you would like to offer a horse for the program's use, please contact the program director.

How much does TROT cost?
TROT currently charges $250 for a 10-lesson mounted session and $100 for a 10-lesson unmounted session. Financial assistance is available for those in need who meet certain criteria. Please inquire about qualifications.

Will my insurance cover my lesson fees?
Most insurance plans do not consider equine assisted activities and therapies as a reimbursable therapy.

How often do you have lessons?
TROT currently operates in two, ten-week blocks - one between March and early June, and another between September and early December. Most  students attend one lesson per week.

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