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The Equestrian Center Fund

coveredarena.jpgThe Equestrian Center Fund helps provide financing for the routine upkeep of our equestrian facilities and for modest improvements to them. Normal maintenance of our show rings and cross-country course, barns, announcing systems and Equestrian Center grounds are examples of how the Fund's assets may be used. In addition, the Fund can help pay for such improvements as signage, new fencing, new equipment for dragging and grading the rings and upgrades to electrical systems. The Fund is not intended for major capital expenditures.

There are three rules governing donations to the Equestrian Center Fund:

  • 80% of your donation goes directly to the Fund; 20% is reserved for FENCE's general operating expenses
  • While FENCE is eager for suggestions and observations from our exhibitors and clients and will make every effort to honor such suggestions, the actual use of your donation within the general category covered by the Fund is at FENCE's ultimate discretion
  • The Fund does not replace any of FENCE's traditional fundraising campaigns. Donors to the Fund may also be solicited for general operating contributions as part of usual fundraising efforts


How To Contribute to the Fund

A check notated "For Equestrian Center Fund" may be mailed to FENCE, 3381 Hunting Country Road, Tryon, NC 28782  


You may contribute using your credit card by choosing one of these options:

1. Complete a mail-in form

2. Contribute on-line on our secure server

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