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Parties for Kids

sunglassgirl.JPGKids love parties, and they love FENCE. Put the two together for a nature-themed birthday or other event and you'll have a winning combination!

We'll supply our Nature Classroom and our nearly 400 acres of open space, a guide, and any materials needed for crafts and games. You'll supply the decorations, drinks, paper supplies, and cake or snacks.

Here's a sample of the party themes we can offer:

"Creepy Crawly Party" - children will learn about all kinds of insects and even try to catch a few on a guided nature walk.

"It's a Hoot Party"
- children will learn about owls, their habitat and how they adapt to a wide range of environments. There will even be owl pellets to dissect to discover what owls eat.

"Kites In The Sky Party"
- each child receives a kite to decorate and fly on breezy Hawk Ridge.

"Catch A Dream Party"
- children will collect natural items during a nature walk to make a dreamcatcher they can take home.

Contact FENCE at for more information about booking a Birthday Party! 

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