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Stuff to do during COVID-19 with your children!

Our hearts go out to the families struggling during these difficult times. In particular, the challenges faced as a result of school closings. FENCE will continue to do what we can to support WNC and its students and families during this event. Our trails remain open, and we encourage families to utilize the outdoors as an opportunity for social distancing. Below are several self-guided activities aimed at engaging children in the safety of their own backyard or here on the trails at FENCE. We have also included educational resource links such as virtual field trips to national parks and other community resources. Feel free to comment if you are interested in seeing similar resources and please share your experiences with us!

Virtual National Park Tours:;!!HYmSToo!N0VdX7AaEtB9w-5dhewW_RwW8QDL3TgixpFPetmRkYtkANUPUg9wArVG6UZf4J62OQ$

Virtual Field Trips:*2A1SUyF3QzAL8hhmWGT2F0-A&fbclid=IwAR3uNJPLH1Tn2qQGuYVspJ_g6uRWou_yM3XrtsbAXfOz2dvceT5l5Y1TGNw__;JQ!!HYmSToo!N0VdX7AaEtB9w-5dhewW_RwW8QDL3TgixpFPetmRkYtkANUPUg9wArVG6UZBghz3-g$


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