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TROT horse volunteers needed!

Do you have a horse under 17 hands, serviceably sound, in good health? Is your horse tolerant of noises and movement, has good ground manners, and enjoys attention? Not sure? We invite you to attend our Play Days at the Covered Arena at FENCE May 31 and June 6 - 9:00 a.m. to Noon

Interact with materials used in our therapeutic riding program: metal ramp, poles, cones, barrels, balls, hula hoops, basketball, and bowling games.  For more advanced participants, one station will include plastic bags, tarps and water “hazards”.  Plus, experience our therapeutic riding sensory trail.  Local 100 Mile rider, Marianne Williams will be on site as a consultant along with other knowledgeable volunteers to assist you with the process of desensitizing your horse. 

For More Information and Registration Contact:

FENCE 828-859-9021



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