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FENCE Update During Covid-19

FENCE offices will remain closed until further notice, this includes public restrooms. We will strive to keep our walking trails open during this time, with the condition that visitors continue to comply with social distancing guidelines and that overcrowding does not become an issue as observed in many other local parks, forests and trails. We continue to urge visitors to remain home if feeling ill and to adhere to social distancing guidelines when utilizing FENCE trails to protect oneself and other visitors.

Trail etiquette at FENCE during COVID-19:

~Park respectfully and allow space between vehicles if available.

~Keep hiking groups no larger than one to two others. We ask larger family groups to interact with immediate family members only.

~If you are approaching others on the trail, step off to allow 6 feet of passing distance.

~If approaching someone from behind on the trail, call out before passing to allow others to move aside for a 6-foot-space distance.

~Avoid stopping to talk to others on the trails.

~Keep dogs on a leash during this time. If your unleashed dog jumps on others, you will have to approach them to retrieve your dog, negating the social distancing requirements.

FENCE places a high priority on the health and safety of all our community and visitors.

If you need to talk with someone here please email: Tracie Hanson at
Stay well and we look forward to seeing you all face to face in the brighter days to come!


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