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Like the birds, we are always careful to build a stong nest and we are looking for the best materials to build our nest with. nest.jpgThat's why we appreciate donations year around. You don't have to wait for a special holiday, we will always carefully nurture and protect your investment in FENCE so it will continue to grow and serve its mission now and into the future. Thank You!

FENCE Nature Center

FENCE offers 384 acres of hardwood forest, meadow, and wetland for hikers, birdwatchers, gardeners, astronomers. Our entire property is protected by a conservation easement, so it will always be available for future generations. During the school year, some eight thousand elementary and junior high school students join our Project FENCE natural history curriculum.


FENCE is proud to offer TROT, a therapeutic riding program teaching horsemanship skills to adults and children with physical, developmental and cognitive challenges in a safe, friendly and supportive environment.

FENCE Equestrian Center

The FENCE Equestrian Center has gained a reputation as one of the finest facilities of its kind in the Southeast. With permanent stabling for over 300 horses in eleven barns, all-weather footing in three lighted showrings (including a covered arena), on-site parking and spectator seating, the Equestrian Center hosts events in all disciplines year-round.

Recent News
Big thanks to Polk County Community Foundation! : The Foothills Equestrian Nature Center would like to extend a huge thank you to the Polk County Community Foundation for their never ending support. As a non-profit organization, FENCE relies heavily on support from the community. When COVID hit the nation, so many community members, organizations, businesses, and more were negatively impacted by the pandemic, FENCE included. With loss of proceeds from many of our large events, FENCE struggled along with many in our tight knit community. Trudging along, FENCE vowed to keep their property open to allow community members to safely enjoy the great outdoors. Though we are not out of the woods with COVID and many are still feeling the effects of this greatly, we feel blessed to have this community. During the Pandemic, Polk County Community Foundation was able to graciously provide monetary assistance to FENCE during these unprecedented times. FENCE staff, board, volunteers, and visitors sincerely thank the Foundation for their constant support and encouragement! Read more…
Therapeutic Riding of Tryon (TROT) : The therapeutic riding program at FENCE, will begin its ten week fall session on September 14, 2020 with a modified program that will include limited individual lessons and special events for all students. Even with limited operations planned, we need your support! If you are interested in becoming a TROT volunteer, training will be offered and conducted via ZOOM on Wednesday, August 26th at 2 pm and Thursday, August 27th at 11 am. Please email and a link to the online training will be sent to you. Please specify which training day you would like to attend. There will be socially distanced orientation in the covered arena prior to September 14 that you will sign up for after training. Many thanks to all the great volunteers and horses that have been part of TROT since our founding in 2004!! Read more…
Stuff to do during COVID-19 with your children! : Our hearts go out to the families struggling during these difficult times. In particular, the challenges faced as a result of school closings. FENCE will continue to do what we can to support WNC and its students and families during this event. Our trails remain open, and we encourage families to utilize the outdoors as an opportunity for social distancing. Below are several self-guided activities aimed at engaging children in the safety of their own backyard or here on the trails at FENCE. We have also included educational resource links such as virtual field trips to national parks and other community resources. Feel free to comment if you are interested in seeing similar resources and please share your experiences with us! Read more…
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