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FENCE participate in Super Saturday

Signs of spring are evident everywhere you look this time of year. With the emergence of new flowers, leaves, even new animals, it is hard not to become infected with a sense of appreciation for the life around you. Yet in Tryon, there is another sign of spring—Super Saturday. This event, held in annually in Tryon, is a celebration of the arts geared towards kids. There are theatre performances and special demonstrations every hour, but between shows attendees are browsing different vendors along the street. This is where FENCE comes in.

FENCE’s AmeriCorps Environmental Education Associate, went and represented FENCE for the day. Each year at Super Saturday, we set up a table inviting passers-by to make a bird feeder. The process is more simple than it sounds. We take pine cones, tie a string on them, lather them in peanut butter, and roll them around in black-oil sunflower bird seed. The seed sticks, and the bird-sighting possibilities are endless. However, we give everyone a fair warning that their bird feeder may very well become a squirrel feeder.

If bird feeding doesn’t strike their interest, we also set up an obstacle course for kids run around, test themselves, and generally have fun.

This day was particularly rewarding for Michael McClure AmeriCorps member because it was a subtle reminder that environmental education is never cut and dry. It is a process that happens over decades, and the end result culminates from countless observations, realizations and experiences. It is often great just to get young minds churning. What kind of bird was that? Why would these birds like peanut butter? Why are those birds colored so brightly?

It was easy to acknowledge the purity of the day, and we left fortunate to have witnessed yet another sign of spring.


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