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Collegiate Team Challenge vs. Team Challenge

The organizing committee thought it would be fun for people to put together scratch teams, encourage friends to enter in order to make up their own team. AFTER the omnibus listing had been submitted to USEA & printed, we were approached by the Collegiate people to host a Collegiate Team Challenge....we were/are thrilled however it is now causing some confusion! We want to help clear up that confusion...

Bottom line: we have two Team Challenges! 
One is the Collegiate Team Challenge which the Event Secretary has no control over, just take the entries and the money
one is the Team Challenge, as listed in the omnibus under "Other Information" is scratch teams made up of competitors at the same level - no cost, just fun!

So, can you ride on two teams??? If you are part of a Collegiate Team you can become a member of a scratch team as long as 2 other team members are not part of any other collegiate team.

Collegiate Teams compete against Collegiate Teams, as it is a completely separate scoring system since Collegiate Teams can be composed of riders from different divisions. However, riders competing on a Collegiate Team as well as riders competing on a Scratch Team, are still eligible for individual placing/prizes within their stated division. 

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