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Big thanks to Polk County Community Foundation!

The Foothills Equestrian Nature Center would like to extend a huge thank you to the Polk County Community Foundation for their never ending support. As a non-profit organization, FENCE relies heavily on support from the community. When COVID hit the nation, so many community members, organizations, businesses, and more were negatively impacted by the pandemic, FENCE included. With loss of proceeds from many of our large events, FENCE struggled along with many in our tight knit community. Trudging along, FENCE vowed to keep their property open to allow community members to safely enjoy the great outdoors. Though we are not out of the woods with COVID and many are still feeling the effects of this greatly, we feel blessed to have this community. During the Pandemic, Polk County Community Foundation was able to graciously provide monetary assistance to FENCE during these unprecedented times. FENCE staff, board, volunteers, and visitors sincerely thank the Foundation for their constant support and encouragement!

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